Pumping plant from multiple wells

T & V/San Giovanni di Casarsa (PN) – Italy

Customer: T & V


Required performance:
flow rate: from 70 to 200 m3 /h
pressure: from 4 to 8 bars
water depth: from 6 to 25 m
number of wells: 4
Notes: the customer required the creation of a single pumping system capable of picking up water at different heights and being able to vary flow rate and pressure according to the different needs.
Culture irrigated: VINEYARD
Designed and implemented solution: LAMPO Submersible LA09IC


Engine: IVECO N45
Alternator: MECC ALTE 85 kVA
Pump: CAPRARI E9S55N/5A + MAC 860
Electrical engine: 45 kW

In this design case we opted for LAMPO Submersible which allows our customer to drive down the submersible pump at various depths.
Thanks to the creation of a special flag equipped with an electrical engine and ascent and descent remote control, the customer in a few minutes is able to position and operate the machine.

Efficiency, convenience and ease of use in total ergonomics and safety
Moreover, thanks to the control panel with inverter technology, the customer will be able to vary the speed of submerged electrical engine by choosing at will the flow rate and the operating pressure.

  • Caso Studio Irrigazione - Impianto di Pompaggio da più Pozzi con Lampo Submersible
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