For more than 40 years we offer innovative
solutions for pumping water.

We work to manufacture high-performance machines for any agricultural irrigation and emergency service requirements.We design and patent our multifunctional diesel engine pump units, in a process of continuous innovation that has always been the basis of our Company philosophy. Rely on our experience to find the solution best suited to your water pumping problems.
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Who we are in 5 points


  • 1979

    Lino Barbares establishes the Company

  • 1993

    Specialisation in the irrigation sector

  • 1999

    Starts production of diesel engine pump units

  • 2002

    LAMPO Green is created for the agricultural market

  • 2007

    Expands production in the emergency sector

  • 2010

    LAMPO Emergency is created for the Civil Protection

  • 2014

    Introduction of 3D design tools for designing

  • 2016

    New Patent LAMPO Fire Protection

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