Lampo Pumping Plant

Della Mora agricultural farm

The Lampo GREEN group has always been called multifunctional Group but never this definition was successfully guessed as in the recent request of one of our most loyal customers:


  • Design and Creation of a single Lampo pumping plant with drafting from a well able to be used to:
    – 7-span Pivot Valley with a flow rate of 200 m3/h at 5 bars with electrical power supply of 15 kW
    – Ocmis self-moving sprinkler, mod. Ø 140*350 with a flow rate of 130 m3/h at 10 bars
    – fixed plant with a flow rate of 230 m3/h at 5 bars.


Thanks to the Santerno inverter group present in every Lampo model and to the selection of Caprari pump more suitable for this type of action, Euromacchine was able to design a pumping station capable of being used in the three proposed solutions.

With a reached drafting depth of over 35 meters, Lampo is able to cover an incredible performance range succeeding to work in tight and disadvantageous working conditions. The final result was excellent, especially in terms of fuel consumption; thanks, in fact, to the VFD it is possible to work at the desired work point without unnecessary efficiency losses.


LAMPO Green Horizontal LA 12 IC
• engine: IVECO N67
• alternator: MECC ALTA 130 kVA
• pump: CAPRARI E10S55/5A + MAC8100
• electrical engine: 75 kW – 100 Hp @ 1500 Rpm
• maximum depth : 40 mt
• frames: 1000 litres

  • Impianto di pompaggio Lampo
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