Lampo Emergency

Euromacchine has been for years alongside the Italian Civil Protection.
This year the Civil Protection of the Prata di Pordenone Municipality asked us to study a highly customised motor pump that could ensure high pumping capacities and high ergonomic standards.
The technical office jointly with the Volunteers has defined in the smallest detail a unique product in the Italian market.
As shown in the photographs the self-priming motor pump has been improved as follows:

soundproofed booth: SILENT version that reduces noise up to 70 dBA;
300 litres tank frames with autonomy of 24 hours of continuous work;
150 ø three-way delivery with manual opening wafer valves;
highly evolved control unit engine;
DN250 side pipe-holder.

The new diesel engine pump unit has been tested by Euromacchine technicians and the taken videos show its high quality standards.

Engine: IVECO
Model: F32MNSX01
Model: J10-305
Frame: 300 lt
Trolley: HUMBAUR
Control Unit: ELCOS – CEP090
Soundproofing: SILENT (engine only)
Suction: ø250 – 9 mt
Delivery: 3-way ø150

Performance at 1750 Rpm:
FLOW RATE: from 200 to 600 mc/h
PRESSURE: from 28 to 18 mt

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