NBDC fire brigades / Amsterdam – Holland

Lampo Emergency

Once  they told us: « you are like the emergency dispach, when a customer call to solve a problem you always find the solution ».

Now we think this is true… And Lampo Civil Protection built for the Dutch fire brigades is the proof.


Thanks to long cooperation with our dealer for Holland market Smits Company, we created a unique product in the first responders world.

They asked for a new machine that has to suction the water at 60 mt depht and has to re-pump it with a surface booster pump.


The secret was in our experience: LAMPO Double pump  allows us to get a head start, but in this case we had to respect even higher standard. We realized a new control panel, built with the hydraulic connection in stainless steel and the GRUNDFOSS pumps,  synonymous of quality and efficiency. We tested the unit for days in open field and at the end we reached our purpose.


If you need more details, call us and we would be glad to explain you what Lampo Civil Protection with Double pump can do.

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