Lampo Green

The LAMPO patented multifunctional diesel engine pump unit can be used simultaneously as a generator and pump
with the possibility of varying the flow rates and pressures through an inverter.
LAMPO Green ensures water drafting from wells with minimum diameters of 180 mm with depths up to 50 m
and pumps from 25 to 500 m3/h. Truck-mounted tank frames from 1,000 litres and series Super-silent booth.
Available with tube or hose versions.

General characteristics

diametro minimo pescaggio

Draft minimum diameter
180 mm

portata motopompa

Motor pump flow rate
25 - 500 m3/h

profondità massima pescaggio

Maximum drafting depth
up to 50 m


1.000 l

Lampo Green Submersible

Lampo Green Horizontal

Lampo Green Double Pump

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